Colorado Tiny House Festival

The Colorado Tiny House Festival is this weekend! I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned about green building and how it specifically applies to tiny homes. I’m speaking on Saturday at 10:30am. Come check out my booth where I’ll be selling green building materials, and pick my brain!


Big Strides in a Tiny House

I’ve abstained from writing for a while now as an act of keeping my sanity and directing my focus towards building. This ambitious project is all consuming with the amount of research necessary for an amateur builder. Sourcing materials without networks previously in place while consistently making decisions, compromises, and creatively thinking of alternatives to road blocks that present themselves has been a huge learning experience. I’ve reached the point where documentation is possible again, and I’m excited to share The Honey House’s progress.

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Ladies Insulation Installation Work Party

Growing up as a female, I don’t think I was encouraged to build things, get dirty, and learn how to wield tools as much as my two brothers were. As a kid I wasn’t particularly interested in building cars or chopping wood, and social gender norms are strong and ubiquitous. As an adult, I have begun to learn practical skills and have come to appreciate their importance, now adding to my ‘toolbox’, so to say.
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Put a Sweater on It!

Despite the harsh temperatures and the un-melting snow (unusual for Colorado winters), we have continued to build throughout the holidays and into the New Year. We took days off during the holidays, hence my lack of documenting, but have stayed loyal to the project. I’m proud of my team of helpers and especially Brian Sisk (my main building man), as our build progresses slowly but surely. We try and keep warm in our down jackets, hats, gloves, layers upon layers of clothing, and all fueled by a determined vision and thermoses of hot chocolate.
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Wrapped Like a Present

With the holidays upon us and snow steadily falling outside, building has slowed, but not to a halt. We are still chugging along out on Isabelle Road and are hoping to get all of the windows in this weekend. It seems that I anticipate each step of the build to be faster than it is, and it’s definitely a practice in patience and planning.
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Lookin’ Like a House!

Everything has been coming together these past couple weeks. My steel framing by Volstrukt came up from Austin thanks to Damon DesChamp at Trailer Made. They are now the official distributor of Volstrukt framing nationwide. It’s so great that they are only a 35 minute drive from where I’m living. This made it possible for me to go out and witness the Trailer Made crew panelizing my walls and roof in the timeframe I needed so I could close in my house before the snowstorm. We all stood it on the trailer over the weekend and my Dad and I took it off to Isabelle Road.
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