Lunos PLUS Kit – For a toxin free and healthy tiny house

Includes: Lunos continuous ventilation system with heat recovery

                    Intello intelligent interior membrane – vapor barrier

                    Exterior weather barrier and sealing gaskets

                    Air sealing tapes for windows, sheathing, doors, trailers flashing

                    VOC-free insulation & rain screen

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Volstrukt Steel Framing

Volstrukt manufactures engineered lightweight cold-rolled steel framing for tiny homes.

  • 50% lighter than wood framing
  • 25% stronger than wood
  • Eliminates the natural/human error of framing with wood
  • Fast and easy to stand on your trailer
  • 100% recyclable
  • VOC free
  • Over 7 years of experience

Haiku Designs 

A bed system designed specifically for tiny homes is important because due to a lack of proper ventilation units in tiny houses, and mattresses being placed directly on loft floors, people are discovering black mold lining the undersides of their beds. Haiku Designs offers a low profile and supportive slat system that creates airflow underneath the mattress to mitigate issues of mold. Additionally, the mattress options themselves aren’t thicker than 8″ so they truly optimize headspace in a lofted bedroom. Natural latex, cotton, and wool mattresses remain supportive and healthy for years.

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